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Our female instructors will help you overcome any nervousness in an enjoyable and welcoming environment, while making sure you have the knowledge and skills for a safe and successful shooting experience. Our goal is to provide you with a set of skills and techniques that can be practiced and built upon. Confrontations are won by the person who is most quickly able to adapt to adverse conditions. The better trained you are, the more emotionally relaxed a life you will live...

Women teaching women

It is a scientific fact that women learn differently than men—so why are most firearms training programs still being taught from a man’s perspective?

Texas Caliber teaches the same principals, rules and regulations taught in all certified firearms training programs, but in a way that is best suited to a woman’s natural learning style. A majority of female students are kinesthetic (motion) learners, who need to touch, practice or actually perform the function or task in order to learn.

According to Hodgins, Coordinator Early Childhood Education “... the corpus callosum, the bundle of nerves that connects emotion and cognition. In females, it is up to 20% larger than in males.” and “Two areas of greater functioning in the female is memory and sensory intake.”

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