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Glossary Gun Terms Beginning I thru J

Information for foreign sellers and for Americans purchasing firearms abroad.

A derivative version of a basic cartridge, typically whose shoulders have been expanded outward and forward for increased powder capacity for use in a rifle whose chamber has been enlarged accordingly.

A type of base for detachable sling swivels whereby the steel base is inletted into the stock for a cleaner look, rather than simply being screwed onto the surface. A sign of a better custom-made rifle.

The process of carving out recesses in wooden stocks with precision, using gouges, chisels and scrapers to accept the steel components of a firearm.

A set of two metallic protuberences fitted normally to the top of a firearm; one near the muzzle and the other near the breech, which when adjusted and aligned properly with the target, aid in the placing of the projectile in the desired location.

In reference to variations of the German military cartridge, 8x57.

The envelope enclosing the core of a bullet.

A lever, mounted to the underside of the receiver of a break-open gun, extending half way around the trigger guard and ending in a knob the shooter can grasp. When the lever is turned 90 degrees to the right, a pair of tapered, opposing lugs move out of mating bites in the barrel lumps, allowing the barrels to drop open on the hingepin.

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