KSAT 12 NEWS Women choose handgun for concealed carry

Author: Mariza Mendoza, Reporter, mzmendoza@ksat.com
Published On: Mar 10 2014 10:31:51 PM CDT   Updated On: Mar 11 2014 09:47:41 PM CDT


The myth that women are somehow less able or too weak to shoot a handgun is quickly being debunked as more and more women are getting their concealed handgun license and learning how to meet their self-defense needs.

Monday night, a free class was held called “Choosing a Handgun for Concealed Carry.”

One of the people who attended the class was single mother Bertha Morales. A month ago, she got her concealed handgun license so that she could protect her family if anyone should ever threaten them.

“With having a daughter around, it’s just an extra precaution for me, and since I do travel a lot, it’s just another safety for myself,” said Morales.

Monday night, Morales and other women attended the free class taught by Hayley Galloway.

“I like to provide a very open forum, an open classroom where there is no stupid question, especially when you’re talking about firearms,” said Galloway, owner of Texas Caliber (formerly known as Wildflower).

Morales’ class was about the difference between a revolver and semi-automatic handgun. She wants to remove any intimidation factor guns may give women.

“Have the ladies come up and touch the firearms and load the weapons with the dummy rounds, and get a feel for how everything works,” said Galloway. “Knowing what type of handgun is right for you is important, especially for women , they need to find one that fits properly in their hand.”

Galloway said it can be a very expensive mistake buying the wrong gun.

For Morales, she doesn’t want to use her weapon, but she says if she has to, she will.

“I’m actually very confident now,” Morales said. “I don’t have the fear of having the weapon in my home, holding the weapon.”

Click here for more information about Texas Caliber (formerly known as Wildflower). You can also call Hayley Galloway at 210-639-5418 or email her at hngalloway@TxCaliber.com