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Texas Caliber Launches Women Taught Courses



San Antonio joins nation in offering women-taught courses to meet increasing demand of female gun owners

San Antonio, TX, February 18, 2014 — nearly one in four American women now own a handgun, an increase of 77 percent in just seven years. While this meteoric rise might suggest a tipping point in the self-defense landscape, the firearms/tactical training industry has been slow to react in offering woman-to-woman training. In response, Texas Caliber (formerly known as Wildflower) a woman-owned and operated firearms and self-defense training company, has opened its doors to provide this much needed service to the women of San Antonio and joins the nation in this new trend.

“What might have been a niche market several years ago is now a mainstream enterprise, the statistics bear this out.” said Hayley Galloway, Owner of Texas Caliber. “We are the fastest-growing segment of gun owners, yet it was staggering to realize how few resources had been developed to meet the needs of this group. Wildflower was born out of this necessity. As a woman, I have the ability to teach women in a way that is non-threatening, to address her unique relationship with the firearm and give her instruction that is differentiated from the way that a man can deliver similar services.”

Wildflower teaches the same principals, rules and regulations taught in all other certified firearms training programs, but the presentation of course material is based on the unique learning style most women share. “Most of us are kinesthetic (motion) learners, who need to touch, practice or actually perform the function or task in order to learn. This is one of the core principles of Wildflower—of recognizing that although we are equal to men, we are not the same. “

This uptake in gun ownership highlights the fact that women from all segments of the population are now packing heat: stay-home moms, grandmothers and professionals. What might have been thought of as unnecessary only a few years ago has become commonplace, and as a result women who might not have previously seen themselves as gun owners are now taking their place alongside men in record numbers.

“I wanted to be able to protect my kids when we were without my husband,” said a recent Texas Caliber student and stay-home mom, “I can’t depend on a man to protect us at all times, it’s not possible. I realized it was up to me… I protect them in all other aspects of their life and thought of this as the next logical step.”

Research supports this perspective. Confrontations are won by the person who is most quickly able to adapt to adverse conditions. Tactical training comes into play by educating women on how to skillfully react when inaction could cost them their lives.

Protection is the top priority for many women electing to arm themselves, perhaps for the first time. “I never really saw myself as shooting or owning a gun until a friend of mine was robbed in a parking lot. We both decided to take a CHL class together but agreed it was intimidating to be taught by a male. We felt very at ease having that woman-to-woman environment,” said a former Texas Caliber student.

This surge of interest in training women to carry firearms continues to gain momentum nationwide and with the launch of Texas Caliber, now enables San Antonio women to stay on-par with the rest of the country in learning from women. “We are a community of mothers, daughters and sisters who care about each other,” said Galloway, “our goal is to arm them with the knowledge, power and confidence they are demanding in record numbers. The response has been overwhelmingly positive from the community.”

Texas Caliber has received praise for not only their firearms and self-defense training, but also their private at-home classes. With these offerings, Galloway incorporated a novel approach to on-boarding inexperienced or first time gun owners by meeting with the clients in the comfort of their homes and teaching them how to select a firearm. “Many women find it intimidating to go to a retailer, which are typically staffed by men, and ask basic questions about firearms. Sometimes they just don’t know where to start. This gives us the opportunity to not only de-mystify the purchase of a handgun, but to also have a conversation about her unique needs and uncover what will be the best fit for her lifestyle.”

Galloway launched Wildflower in 2013. She and her staff are certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as Concealed Handgun License (CHL) Instructors and by the National Rifle Association as Firearms, Home Safety and Refuse To Be A Victim Instructors. Galloway serves as the 2014 Chair for the Comal County Friends of NRA. Classes are held at the historic Finesilver Manufacturing Company Building downtown and range from CHL and NRA Basic Shooting courses to Handgun Maintenance and How To Choose A Handgun for Concealed Carry.


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