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What is a safe direction

What is a safe direction?


When we speak of keeping a gun pointed in a safe direction, it means that you point the gun in a direction so that if it were to fire it would not cause injury or damage. This is the first and most important rule of gun safety.


Many of us when first learning to handle a firearm seem to forget this rule and have to be reminded multiple times – you are not alone; however, I cannot express strongly enough how important it is that you learn and abide by this rule – never point a firearm at anything unless you intend to destroy it.


You accomplish this by controlling the muzzle, see picture below, of your firearm. Firearms training instructors will often designate a safe direction when teaching a class. The safe direction at a firing ranges is universally downrange, pointing at the target.


Muzzle of gun

Things to remember: a bullet fired into the ground can ricochet; a bullet fired into the air will return to the ground, what goes up must come down; and a bullet can penetrate floors, ceilings, windows and walls.


Learning the rules of gun safety will not only minimize the risks of injury, damage or unintentional death to yourself, but to those around you.

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