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2nd Amendment

With the latest mass shooting in Orlando the gun control debate is back with a vengeance.  One common argument is that the 2nd Amendment was meant only for muskets and did not apply to modern repeating rifles.  By that logic we should only be allowed to exercise our 1st Amendment rights with a quill pen and ink pot, right?  That’s the common rebuttal to the musket argument but is it the best rebuttal?  When was the repeating rifle invented?  That probably depends on what you consider a “repeating rifle” but, the Girardoni air rifle was a 30 shot, repeating, air rifle that was designed in 1779 and used by Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition.  The 2nd Amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791 over a decade after the Girardoni air rifle was designed.  Clearly the musket was not the only “rifle” technology available to citizens in 1791 so, we can assume, the Founding Fathers were likely aware of the advancements being made in firearms when they adopted the 2nd Amendment.

Many different arguments are made by people that want to modify or eliminate the 2nd Amendment however, “the musket argument” isn’t their strongest choice.  Obviously, a repeating air rifle from 1779 is no modern AR-15 but the Founding Fathers were not operating in a vacuum and were actually a pretty far sighted group of men.  I believe they were aware of changing firearm technology and didn’t foresee a time when the 2nd Amendment would expire because we reached some arbitrary level of technology.  They likely never imagined anything like a modern GAU-19 electrically driven .50 caliber minigun either but (most) citizens can’t buy those anyway.

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